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Photography Skills

Long Exposure Videos

Here are the “Long exposure” videos I mentioned at camera club. Scott Kelby YouTube – Scott Kelby Long Exposure Video Jason Odell YouTube – Jason Odell Long Exposure Videos The Smart Phone App for getting the correct exposure if you are using an neutral density (ND) filter can be found. ND Timer it calculates the […]

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Photo Competition Entries

Rules for submitting photo competition entries Committee has asked that we remind all Members to follow the rules when entering our competitions, especially the following: Entry Forms – All entries must be accompanied by completed entry forms. The Competition Secretary’s shouldn’t guess who you are or what category your images are entered into. Submitting before […]

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An explanation by John Bellingham (with info borrowed from various internet sources) So, you’ve forked over at least $1000 (but probably $2000) for your first DSLR camera. You have more buttons, dials, and menus than you know what to do with, even after reading through the fat booklet that came with your camera and explains […]

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Memorial Landscape Guide Lines

H James Memorial Landscape Competition and Margaret Macdiarmid Memorial Landscape guide lines for competition. H Stanley James ARPS joined the Society shortly after its inception in 1937. His service to the Society and to photography in New Zealand, as exhibitor, lecturer, judge, and on committee were outstanding. He was president of the Society, an international […]

Photography Skills

Editing Your Photos for Free

Gimp At the digital night we usually focus on Adobe manipulation programmes.  For those of you who do not have Photoshop and maybe cannot afford to buy software there is an alternative for you and it is FREE. GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such […]

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Competition Rules

Waikato Photographice Society Inc – Competition Rules Reviewed October 2013 Contents Print and Projected Images Competitions Annual Competition A Grade Star Awards Drewery Cup Photojournalism Award (a) HS James Memorial Landscape Competition (b) Margaret Macdiarmid Memorial Landscape Competition Rounthwaite Service Award Mike Piercy Memorial Award Print and Projected Images Competitions. 1.     The committee will establish […]

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Photography Jargon

SPEAKING ‘PHOTOGRAPHER’ – THE BASICS These are the terms you’ll her people using and sometimes you may not quite be sure of the proper meaning. We will include some each month in the aperture to help you speak the photographer lingo. Photography – the word photography comes from two old Greek words “phos” meaning light […]

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Competition Entry Requirements

Photography Competition Entry Instructions You can either: email your digital images to the Competition Secretary address before 7.15 pm on the second Tuesday of each month (use online entry form (open as a WORD document)) or digital images and/or prints must be handed  in prior to 7.15 pm on club night if you are entering […]

Photography Skills

Free Photo Editing Software

Although most people and cameras can produce a sufficiently adequate photo straight from the camera often there is the need to do some processing. The type of thing that would usually be done in the darkroom. Your requirements might be basic, cropping, straightening, adjusting the white balance and sharpening or you may want to do […]

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