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Photoshop – what is ‘enough’?

Photoshop – what is ‘enough’?  by Roger Taylor Geoff’s comments (Aperture – December 2011) about Photoshop, the media, and the photographer’s responsibility to his subject are worthy of more than superficial consideration.   Unfortunately he has fallen into the trap of using examples from the highly competitive world of commercial photo-journalism on the one hand and […]

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A Wider Angle: February 2012

A Wider Angle:  February 2012, by Geoff Dickinson Here we go again. If it’s February it must be the start of a new season of Society activities and a gentle reminder from Helen that I needed to compose this piece. I have to confess that my off-season photographic activities have been very limited.  One of […]

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Photoshop – When is Enough, Enough?

A Wider Angle. December 2011 — See – December Aperture Newsletter If you are a digital photographer you probably use Photoshop or something similar.  Contrast, cropping, sharpening and colour balance are standard practice.  You may even remove dust specks.  How about the portrait where you remove a blemish from the person’s face?  Not unusual.  You […]

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A Wider Angle. November 2011 — See – November,2011  Aperture Newsletter Our lives are dictated by it. From getting up to going to bed, travelling, going to work, fixing appointments and watching sports events with its halves, quarters and clocks (basketball has two of them for goodness sake!) and race placings measured down to hundredths […]

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What’s Cooking?

Geoff Dickinson writes: What’s Cooking?  See – Aperture Newsletter October 2011 Recent forced changes to your humble correspondent’s lifestyle, (i.e. redundancy) has meant a promotion to the role of Head Chef here at Dickinson Towers. For many years, my role in the supply chain of home food production has been as an avid consumer rather […]

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Photo Assignment

Geoff Dickinson writes: Photo Assignment — See – September 2011, Aperture Newsletter Love it or hate it you can’t ignore the presence in New Zealand of the “Global Trophy for Football Played With An Oval Shaped Ball Where Forward Passing Is Not Allowed”. I am choosing my words very carefully here as I don’t want […]

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WPS-Young Photographers Awards

Geoff Dickinson writes: Waikato Photographic Society Young Photographers Awards You will by now, I hope, be aware of this exciting project devised by Sam Gray. The Committee has agreed that this is worth supporting provided we can secure some sponsorship and get as many members behind us as possible. The Committee is working on the […]

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The Compact Challenge Part 2

Geoff Dickinson writes: The Compact Challenge Part 2 A brief, painful encounter 6 weeks ago with a hit and run teenage cycling hoon has meant that I have had to park the SLR and use a compact camera instead.  It is scary to think that the little runt is probably only 2 years or so […]

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Downtime and the Compact Challenge Part 1

Geoff Dickinson writes: Downtime and the Compact Challenge Part 1 One of the by-products of the idleness forced on me by my recent accident has been having the time to go through some of my old slides/prints and update my database. Like many lifelong photographers, my archives stretch back a long way. In my case, […]

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All you have to do is take the photos. Yeah Right!

Geoff Dickinson writes: All you have to do is take the photos. Yeah Right! If you thought you’d read the last of my random monthly ramblings, think again! Your new President and Committee recently asked, nay pleaded, on bended knee, for more of my thoughts on photography. Oh go on then, here goes. Inspiration does […]

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