Featured Books:

These are books from our little library that I think will have wide appeal, be of special interest or may be inspirational. Enjoy!

Art Care
The Care of Art and Museum Collections in New Zealand

If you are looking at keeping your work in archive quality conditions (mounting, framing, shipping, storage, materials) this is the book for you. The simple drawings clearly illustrate the methods and constructions described in the text. Art Care discusses works on paper and photography as well as many other art forms, it is mine of information and well worth a look at.

New Zealand Camera 2006

Beautifully produced with good a proportion of exceptional photography and a great deal of very good photography the 2006 NZ Camera is a fine volume indeed that has been laid out with a sensitivity for the images.

The Complete 35mm Source Book – November 2005

I found this book to be attractively packaged as well as providing a lot of information, historical and background as well as practical. A good and not at all difficult book to help you think about your photography.

The Practical Zone System

The Practical Zone System author, Chris Johnson, ought to be commended for the clear and understandable way he explains this subject. Of course this is most use to the black and white developer; it also provides a good, solid frame work of thinking and visualisation for the digital and colour photographer.

Digital Photography, an Introduction

I chose Digital Photography, an Introduction by Tom Ang because it looks to cover the basics and more in a clear and interesting way. Not only that but it is well illustrated and presented so it would be a pleasure to dip into on a regular basis. It’s that kind of book.

Man Ray

I cannot resist the power of Man Ray’s work, it’s just great. We all need inspiration and this little book will help you see that there are other ways of seeing the world.

Speaking of inspiration, we have 4 other books in the same Aperture Masters of Photography series as the Man Ray, they are Andre Kertesz, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston and Paul Strand both, all are brilliant. Why not take all five of them out at once?

The Digital Printing Handbook,
A photographer’s guide to creative printing techniques.

This book looks good for anyone who prints their photographs at home from their computer. The Digital Printing Handbook is a real asset for our members and well worth a good look at.

The Joy of Photography,
A Guide to the Tools and Techniques of Better Photography.

There is a lot to gain from this book, the bits I like best are those that make you think (see) about photography e.g. shape, texture, genre. It seems surprisingly deep and I think the subtitle is quite accurate.

The Joy of Photography is for film photography but is just as relevant to digital photographers.

Enhance your landscapes, CD-ROM,
Digital Photography Magazine, June 2005

Enhance your landscapes is potentially a very useful set of tutorials and full version software.