Hamilton’s Camera Club

November 24th Meeting

Photography Quiz Night.

As our last meeting for November we’ve put together a Photographic Quiz. Come on the night and pit your skills and knowledge against each other. Don’t be concerned as it’s not all Photo orientated. It will be a fun night

Set Subject Entries:

Entries have now closed for the year 2015. December evening will see the last judging for the year. The next years set subjects have been voted on and will be revealed soon, this will allow plenty of time for obtaining that special image.

Photo Competition Entries.

Committee has asked that we remind all Members to follow the rules when entering our competitions, especially the following:

Entry Forms – All entries must be accompanied by completed entry forms. The Competition Secretary’s shouldn’t guess who you are or what category your images are entered into.

Submitting before the cut off date – The Competition Secretary needs to organise, document and then send the entered images to the Judge. They in turn need time to review, write comments and return them. All of this is done after the cut off date and therefore late entries will not be accepted because of the extra work it creates.

Digital entries can be emailed to the competition secretary or handed in on a CD – no USB flash drives please. We can not guarantee they will be returned and they are slower to load on the computer (have to be recognised by the computer as a memory drive etc. then ejected).

Previous Meetings and Events

Tongaporutu, 13th – 15th of November. 3 members with another 3 family members drove to Mokau and spent a beautiful weekend. Friday was a calm blue sky day with excellent lighting so Val & Val (with Peter) visited the 3 Sisters & Elephant Rock in the evening at low tide. Saturday morning started out beautiful so they visited the 3 sisters again at 6am low tide morning light. Neil (with Ria & Anton) met up with them after midday by which time the weather had clouded over to a flat grey outlook. Neil & family visited the 3 sisters at low tide Saturday afternoon but while the rocks were amazing the lighting was not. We all gathered in the evening to watch a grey sunset. Sunday was wet and windy so we all headed home. All participants would visit again and recommend the 3 sisters & Elephant Rock as a Photographic destination.

Frankton Market, August 22nd field trip: 5 of us attended a walk around Frankton Markets & then coffee at a café afterwards. We got photo’s of stalls being set up and spoke with interested retailers about who we are and why we’re there. Only 1 stall owner asked us not to take photos because he was selling artwork and sculptures which are covered by copyright, we all understood his request. It was interesting and good practice for the perfect urban landscape (for entry in October).

June 16th meeting was our Photography Skills Night. This evening went well with lots of questions answered and more raised for further discussion. Using Off Camera Flash consisted of 3 video lessons downloaded from the internet explaining basic effects and how to achieve greater control. Afterwards members were seen trying to duplicated the lessons using each other as models. If you wish to see the lessons contact Val for the website.

Nature ChampionOur meeting on June 9th was well attended and the photos entered received high praise from our guest Judge, Colin Tyler. Look at the Honours Page for images he was especially pleased with. Colin has Judged National Competitions and at the end of the evening showed some of his own work.

May 26th meeting showed the entries for ‘Photojournalism’ and again our guest Judge Bruce Lim was excited about the standard of the images.

If you are new to photography look at our Honours page for inspiration then attend our meetings for information. Upcoming meetings and lessons are available in our calendar and Newsletter pages.